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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Moving Mancats on Monday

Uh oh...they kidnapped Woody!

With cats, the hierarchy is always changing - this one swats that one and they end up being on a lesser rung until they win another round.  It was time to rearrange the cats again.  A few months back Mom had moved Tabitha from the cat shelter to inside the house and she was settling well.  Al is a bit of a bully and was relentlessly stalking her, causing her so much stress she was having UTIs all the time.  She has not had any since bringing her inside. Al behaved for a while and then began to hound Woody.  Nothing helped the situation so the beans decided it was time to bring him in too.

Woody is a very timid feral. He has bonded with Pop since his workshop is in the cat shelter.  Mom left the carrier out there in hopes that Pop could scoop up Woody and bring him in.  It finally happened and now Woody is inside with us in a large kennel to let him settle in.

Minnie was the first one to check him out.  Woody was very vocal and fascinated with the TV!  Next came Chica but she only wanted his food.

Yoko preferred to be on top in the comfy bed - Woody was the least of her concerns.  Meanwhile Mamacita and Rosa ran for the farthest room and would not have anything to do with him. Most  of the cats showed mild interest and then wandered off or had absolutely no interest in Woody at all.  Mom doesn't think he will have any trouble with any of these guys. 

Sweetpea staked out the heater.

Mamacita say far away is best.

Minnie found her spot on the laundry.
Woody had a wild night howling and trying to get out but today went better.  Mom was able to handle him and sit with him so if he seems like he is ready, they will let him have the bedroom and then move out to the house in general. They hated to separate him from all his siblings but this is the best thing unless they can make Al his own place - still a possibility if he doesn't behave!

Hope your Monday is going better than Woody's. Did you have any excitement in your house over the weekend?



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