Sunday, February 14, 2016

Happy Valentine's Day!


Woody posting (for a change) ...Today is a big day at our house - Pop turns 60 something, (we won't reveal the exact age) the beans are celebrating 24 years of marriage and it is the national day of love!  Since it is bitter cold (at least the morning will be) the celebrations will take place at home this year.

Coconut curry  for Mom in the front with a naan taco and lumpia for Pop

Pop and Mom did go out to eat on Friday to a curry house that they hadn't been to before - it was a balmy 39 degrees that day.  During cold wintry years like this Mom wishes that they got married in a warmer month but 24 years ago they were living in Florida, so hey.

Grain and sugar free apple crisp

Mom baked Pop a flour less apple crisp since they don't do cakes anymore.  There will be flowers, presents and eats plus  lots of kitty snuggling too.  This is Mr. Kitty's first Valentine's Day with us so he can join in the festivities.  We are also taking part in Sunday Selfie on Cat on my Head blog too.

A selfie with Mr Kitty, Mom, Pop and even Sweetpea

Whatever you do for this joyful day - we hope it is filled to the brim with smiles and love.
Happy Valentine's day from all of us to you!

Me wishing you Happy Heart Day!

P.S. Next week marks the 7th anniversary of our cat blog and we are celebrating with a give-away or two so put in on your calendar - Feb. 19!

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Happy Mardi Gras!

Tabitha here today and we are celebrating Mardi Gras!  There are a surprising number of transplants in our area from New Orleans who celebrate with an array of festivities leading up to the parade.   Mom and Pop love to attend the annual Mardi Gras parade in Asheville.  They try to go every year weather permitting.  This year was not bad for February - 49 degrees, sunny but a brisk wind.  I will narrate the parade as it goes by - ready?

This year's theme is Saints vs Sinners (Are you good or just good at it!). Everyone seemed to prefer the sinner version - dressing as fallen angels, devils, death, skeletons, grim reapers, and everything in between!  So many parade watchers were dressed up too - it was hard to know where to look first.

 The beans walked up to the parade site behind these revelers! Mom had her beads on - real ones from a friend who went to New Orleans.  The parade offered bands, colorful clowns throwing beads to the onlookers, wonderful floats and so much more.  Each group or float is called a Krewe and they all have funky names.

 This young girl was handicapped and rode in a three wheeler with her baby alpaca.  There a lots of alpaca farms here.  A King and Queen are chosen weeks before and they ride as special hosts of the parade.  Afterwards everyone is invited to the Queen's Ball at a local restaurant.

King Bone and Queen Sara

Kali, Hindu Goddess of Destruction!

 Scandals  Club - features drag shows

Our Pubcycle - you pedal to keep it moving!

Our Gay Pride float

Wicked Geisha Krewe

Even puppies got into the the spirit of Mardi Gras!  This is a very abbreviated version of the parade - to see more pictures with captions, please do visit Mom's Carolina Mountains Facebook Page.  

Hope you enjoyed the parade.  We will leave with with the typical Mardi Gras verse...and a  fun way to pick your Mardi Gras name.  Mom's is Glittery Confetti - what is yours?

P.S.  Just an update on Mom and Mr. Kitty - both are doing much better this week.  And  the vet called to let us know that Mr. Kitty's lump was a benign thyroid cyst and that since they got it all out, it won't come back!  Isn't that great?  Thanks to all who purred and sent good vibes for him.  Have a colorful Mardi Gras y'all!!!

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Mr. Kitty on Thankful Thursday

Me at the vet

 Mr. Kitty here today and I am very thankful.  Yesterday was exciting for many reasons.  I woke up with a tummy upset - loose poop and throwing up foam. I didn't even feel like eating breakfast - and I love to eat. Mom called the vet and they wanted to see me to check me out.

It was a day of torrential rains and the radio kept warning of flooding all over the county but we didn't see any major problems.  This is our road with the creek running next to it when we came home.

At the vet all my tests came back fine but Dr S didn't like how my breathing sounded. Dr S and M the vet tech took xrays and came back laughing (I didn't think it was funny).  I guess I am very pear shaped - they said my xrays looked like a frog - small up top with a big abdomen. No signs of anything tho.

 That pesky lump on my neck that they had drained a few weeks ago had come back already.  Dr. S. did not like that it felt different - harder than last time.  She said that the lump was pressing on my trachea and was hampering my breathing among other things.  Since I had an empty tummy and she had a spot open for surgery that we should remove it today and that I would feel much better.  After a bit of discussion the beans agreed.  They loved me up, kissed me and left me at the vet for the removal of my lump.

The beans were worried about me cuz I am 17 this year but all went well.  M called a few hours later and said I was ready to go home.  They used gas anesthesia and I woke up really easy - just some yawning and stretching and then I put my paw out for some loving.  The lump was BIG!  A mouse could easily fit inside the dimensions of it.  They even showed it to Pop who came to pick me up. It will be sent off to be analyzed.  They had already sent the fluids from the lump to a lab and it was fine - not cancer.  We will hear next week what it is.  I have quite the scar to show for it but my furrs will cover it up soon.

Last night all I wanted to do was eat!  And I did.  I also got pain meds, antibiotics, anti nausea and anti diarrhea.  So far today I am feeling great - ate well and even went out on the back porch for a bit. Back to my usual self. So grateful to Dr. S and her staff for taking that lump off!

On the porch today.
P.S. Mom here - have not been online much in the past week - have sinusallergy issues with vertigo.  I feel better but using the computer is not easy if I am having a vertigo episode.  I have been trying to go online for short periods with rest in between.  Anyone else have this issue?  What do you take for it?

Monday, January 25, 2016

Mr. Kitty on Mancat Monday

Mr. Kitty snoopervising the snow

We are doing fine after a 16" snowstorm  last Friday and Saturday.  We didn't lose power which is good cuz our generator broke and the part they sent us didn't work.  Mom was so worried - we went 4 days without power in 2009 and she didn't want that to happen again.

Two Spot

All the older or special needs cats are inside the house but the white kitties have their own house a short walk from the back door.  Pop would go out to check on them every couple of hours.  The kitties were all inside the heated room snug in their banana box beds.


Our driveway on Sunday

Mom put bird feeders all over the place and would go out to feed them too.  It kept us busy watching  bird TV so we wouldn't get bored with the snow.  It was very cold and windy and the snow froze so the beans have not been able to get out yet - hope they can go on Tuesday.  We are getting low on cat food!

Callie and crow

Just a quick update on me - I am doing fine after my procedure to drain my lump but..the lump is back already altho not as big.  I may have to have surgery to cut it out but I really don't want that at my age (17).  Besides where will the fluids that are in the pocket of the lump go if they cut the lump out and where is this gunk coming from?  The beans will get more detailed info on this before they put me thru surgery.  Will keep you posted.

Mr Kitty checking out our flattened boxwood

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Happy Rubber Ducky Day - Jan. 13

Mr Kitty hugging his rubber ducks.

It is January 13 - time for our annual Rubber Ducky Day post.  

Rubber duckies have been around since the 1800s and the beginnings of  the rubber industry.  And don't  forget the song “Rubber Duckie” performed by  Ernie on Sesame Street in 1970?  This fun colorful bath toy has been an iconic American symbol since.

If you can't see this video then go to Youtube here.

Snowball is trying to ignore his.

How can you have some rubber ducky fun today?  

  • If you have some spare bright yellow rubber duckies, leave them around town today in unexpected places - in a puddle in the park, on a shelf in the Children's section of the library, or tie a cheerful note around one wishing the finder a Happy Rubber Ducky Day!
  •  Bake some Rubber Ducky cupcakes - visit for directions on how to make these cute and delish cupcakes.

  • Post photos of your cats with their rubber duckies on social media like us!
  • Take a relaxing fragrant  bubble bath today with your whole collection of rubber duckies in with you.

So is Two Spot

Whatever you do on National Rubber Ducky Day - have fun!  After all it is the middle of winter with the next holiday a whole month away!  Happy Rubber Ducky Day to y'all!!!!

Only just wants to snuggle with his rubber duckies.

P.S. Mr. Kitty is home and did fine with his procedure Tuesday. He was a bit groggy and out of it but should be back to his normal self in the next day or two.  He had no trouble eating tho!  Nom Nom Nom...
Thank you for all your purrs and good vibes for him.



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